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AFA 2011-2012 Harvest Map ]UPDATED]

Shortly after I contacted the AFA and shared my concerns about the omission of road construction zones on the harvest map, I received a reply from Mr. Cumming assuring me that the oversight would be corrected and a new map posted.

Today, I received an update from Mr. Cumming, notifying me that the updated map is now online for download. The web address remains the same and in case you missed it, you can click
here to download the map.

In addition to the updated map showing road construction zones, I have noticed several changes concerning seasonal logging schedules. Gone are the 'spring' logging areas; Near Craig Lake at The Park's upper west border region and an extensive area along Branch & Scorch Lakes as well as along the York River in The Park panhandle near access#15 Kingscote Lake.

These two areas are now slated for summer logging, which could possibly conflict with summer canoe travel. There are too many more changes with respects to road construction for me to go into detail here.

So when planning your canoe trip this year, you might find the harvest map useful in planning your way around or away from the noise associated with logging & road construction operations within Algonquin Park.

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