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AFA releases 2011-2012 harvesting schedule map

afa map

The Algonquin Forest Authority (AFA) has released its yearly harvesting schedule map. The map depicts locations through-out Algonquin Park where logging is to take place on a seasonal basis. The map also displays haulage routes.

I find this map to be useful and almost an essential companion when planning canoe trips into Algonquin Park' s backcountry. The map helps me plan my routes away from noise associated with logging operations and busy haulage routes.

I have noticed "Road Construction" has been removed from the map, a feature that had been included on past maps except for the last two years. I have emailed my concerns and hope to get answer back next week. I feel it is necessary to have road construction included in the map as I've encountered noise associated with this type of operation before it can be quite disruptive.

Going over the map, there is some good news for canoeists; Spring operations only cover two small areas…Near Craig Lake at The Park's upper west border region and an extensive area along Branch & Scorch Lakes as well as along the York River in The Park panhandle near access#15 Kingscote Lake.

There is very little summer logging near popular canoe routes with the exception of two areas: Catfish and Proulx Lakes. Fall appears to be the busiest for logging this coming year with several locations scattered though-out The Park. Check the map for areas near your planned routes, especially for the fall paddling season. Canoeists should be aware that the "fall" schedule does not follow astronomical events, i.e. the fall equinox - Sept.23, 2011. The fall logging season actually commences after Labour Day Monday, this year the date is September 6th.

There is also scattered logging throughout the winter season check the map for details. Overall it appears that there is less logging activity then the year before with an increase in spring logging (There wasn't any at all last year due to FMP amendments) and reductions in summer operations. Fall would appear to be about the same and winter with a slightly reduced schedule.

Just a quick reminder to canoeists and the park visitors; Logging roads are restricted and closed to all public travel by any kind of vehicle. The only way a park visitor may travel on a logging road is on foot. Even then one must be aware of their surroundings as the trucks that pass along the roadways move fast and are not expecting people to be there. So be careful if you plan to travel on foot and where a canoe route crosses a road, use the same caution you would when crossing a railway track; Stop, look and listen before you cross.

You can click
here to download the map or click the photo at the top of the article.

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