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AFA releases 2012-2013 harvesting schedule map

The Algonquin Forest Authority (AFA) has released its yearly harvesting schedule
map. The map depicts locations through-out Algonquin Park where logging is to take place on a seasonal basis. The map also displays haulage routes, denoting where noise associated with haulage might occur.
Looking over the map, there doesn't seem to be any logging/road building in The Park during the spring of this year. Only a few haulage routes are marked for spring use, with those being;

  • Access#2
  • Access#15 up through the panhandle past access#16, to near Cauliflower Lake
  • Access#17 branching off, one very near to a sensitive area - McCarthy Creek
  • Near access#20 Sec Lake
  • Near the vicinity of access#24, terminating near Radiant Lake

Spring and summer logging operations appear to be in a downward trend the last few years. However, there seems to be an upswing in the number of road building projects. I say, 'seems to be' as not all projects that are announced in the schedule of operations are carried out.

I use this map as a reference when I am planning canoe trips into Algonquin Park's interior. With careful planning one can draw up an itinerary to avoid noise that would be associated with logging and road building in Algonquin Park's backcountry.



Algonquin Forest Authority
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