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Canoe camping closed Easter Weekend (Trout Opener)

By now, most people have already heard the news: Algonquin Park has announced the closure of interior canoe camping for this year's trout season opener. No backcountry permits will be issued (That require canoe access). All lakes are still ice-covered and with the cold spring, this really comes as no surprise, although I must admit it is still difficult for me to digest this piece of news.

Waiting for the ice to melt on Smoke Lake - April 2006

The park website states here, that conditions will be reassessed on Tuesday April 26th. Hopefully by then or soon after the lakes will begin to open up.

With the record early ice-out on Canoe Lake the previous year, many people (Including myself) had predicted another somewhat early ice-out. Most of the locals knew better, having predicted the usual or somewhat later than usual ice-out.

This is not good for me personally as my canoeing schedule in Algonquin Park this year is convoluted and instead of making three visits this year by the end of May, I'll only get to visit Algonquin Park once by the end of May. Not fun!!

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