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Getting Ready for the Meanest Link

I've been dehydrating fruit the past few nights. Just blueberries (Getting good at it now, I also did some last year too) and now I am trying my hand at strawberries.
My kitchen smells fantastic right now as I'm dehydrating both berry types at the same time. There is more blueberries then strawberries, however the kitchen is very fragrant with the scent heavy on strawberries. I've read that one can dip the strawberries into a honey-sugar solution. I have decided to forgo that step and just dehydrate the strawberries as is. The berries are very well ripened and figure they should retain a good percentage of their sweetness. I plan to pass these around to my fellow paddlers during our July trip through Algonquin Park, retracing the Algonquin Outfitters "Meanest Link" route.

A good chuck of the blueberries will be for pancakes that I will make on a rest day and the remaining berries for a few days worth of toppings to add to oatmeal. In the past I have found that drying blueberries takes somewhere between 12-18hrs. The majority of them around the 14hr mark. My dehydrator has a thermometer and for drying fruit I set it at 135°F. I am hoping the strawberries will dehydrate in roughly the same time frame.

I have read that the caloric intake of dried fruit can be approximately twice that of its fresh counterpart and that blueberries can contain up to triple the amount of calories. Maybe I will save the blueberries for the days when there is lots of portaging!
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