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FOAP predicts earlier ice-out than average

This morning an update was posted on the ice-out conditions web page of the FOAP web site (Friends of Algonquin Park). Many people around the 'net have been discussing the possibility of an early ice-out, possibly another record ice-out.

Given the unusually warm March and mild winter combined, it seems quite possible that the ice will go out on most lakes soon. Temperatures are expected to cool down this coming weekend, although it is too late to stop the progression of the melt, this cooling trend will only slow the melting process.

Good Friday (Easter Weekend), is on April 6th this year and I am hoping that the ice will be gone by then. Possibly heading in for a quick two night canoe trip. I would be shocked if the ice went out this month and I cannot help but wonder at how wrong all this 'perfect' weather is. I hope that nature will find a way to balance things in the coming season. Of course that would mean lots of rain, I hope not too much!

For the official scoop on current ice-out conditions click

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