markinthepark seeking solitude

Scribble, scribble...

Soon the lakes will be ice-covered, the forest buried in snow and trip-log writing season will be upon me. Already, I can feel the urge to write tugging at my heart. I look forward to a long winter of writing as I recount my past journeys into Algonquin Park.

There's not much else to say at this point. I think regular readers know that I'm not the 'blogging' type. To post daily about Algonquin Park is wishful thinking, for I am far too busy in my daily life outside of The Park to find energy enough (...And enough topics to keep the reader from getting bored to death) to keep a daily journal of my thoughts about such a great place.

The good news is that I have several trip-logs to write that cover a lot of ground with respects to the backcountry of Algonquin Park. Areas of The Park that I've not visited before and that have not been written about extensively yet and I hope to have them up by the Christmas Holidays.

For now though, the best part of the canoeing season (Autumn) is upon us, so I hope you'll excuse me while I sneak out a few more times in my canoe before I commit myself to actually sitting down and writing something.
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