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The passing of Steve Jobs

I'd like to take the opportunity to say "Good-bye" to Steve. Although his passing is not related in anyway to the topics of my web site, I find it of great importance to note the passing of Steve.

First off: I have never bought or owned a pc, ever. I have always been a 'Machead'. Ok, I had a TRS-80 Model 100 computer once, but that was my father's and that was before Apple's big times and an Atari ST1040 STFM but it wasn't a pc either.

Secondly: For the last ten years my job has required me to interact and utilize pc's in the workplace and I have not enjoyed it one bit. I think the key word here is 'enjoyed'. This is what I really liked about Steve's approach to his idea of computing devices. Just because it is work, doesn't mean it has to be boring. It can be fun! This is what made macs so great.

Thirdly: We also have macs at work and I have an iMac at home and a macbook. Working on these machines (Compared to a pc) has been a very enjoyable experience. All I have to do is turn it on, log-in and Boom! (One of Steve's favourite one liners), I'm getting things done… No messing around with blue screens of death, no jumping through hoops with viruses and malware and phishing and all the other crap that one has to deal with in the realm of the PC world. Sure, I know that a mac is vulnerable too, but much less so and much of the crap that a pc user has to deal with just doesn't exist in my macworld.

Some have considered a mac the 'limo' of the computer world. That maybe so, but if you are going to invest some money and much of your time to computing, why buy a rusty cheap car? Buy a limo - buy a mac.

In the last two years of running snow leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), I've had no kernel panics (Pc equivalent to the blue screen of death). Before that I had 2 kernel panics over a two year period running leopard(Mac OS X 10.5). The software was very stable and all the while I surfed and downloaded in a cavalier manner, not something one would do on a pc without having to take many precautions beforehand.

Although I do not own an iPhone (I do not own any phone, even a landline), I can appreciate the advances that Steve has achieved with Apple, obviously the iPhone is huge and I think Steve knew this would work well. Why? Because he based the iPhone off the same idea as the mac: Make it elegant, make it work and that's what he did, that and he realized everyone talks (Presumably too much, I'd say) and that the perfect phone would make good business.

I also created and manage this web site on my mac which has made web authoring an enjoyable experience. Something, that I never dreamed I'd be doing down the road, Thanks Steve.

I am sad to see Steve depart our world but I keep hoping that there will be 'Just one more thing" coming our way one day, courtesy of Steve.

RIP Steve
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