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Website renamed!


Effective March 3rd, 2018 “Mark’s Algonquin Park Sampler” is no longer a sampler web site of sorts of Algonquin Park. Rather, I now spend more time in Algonquin Park, therefore justifying the change in name. The website along with a proper logo (That even looks like me!) will now assume its proper name associated with its originating URL: ””.

Why the change? For one, I live closer to Algonquin Park. To be “Mark in The Park” - And its happening at last! Two; Guiding, I am now offering guiding services for adults that want to explore the backcountry of Algonquin Park. This enables me to spend even more time in such an awesome place and to spread its magic to clients around the world. Above all the logo symbolizes a dedication to solitude, to be alone with nature, to explore one’s self - To learn to love, adapt and succeed. I believe canoeing in Algonquin Park’s backcountry can be as simple as a weekend getaway or a challenge of a lifetime for others. To this end I want to project my image that I offer more than just trip-logs.

For those fans of my trip-logs; I promise more is to come. I know you have been patient enough over the years, but I ask you to be patient a little more and you will not be disappointed. I have many trip-logs coming!

Getting Social: There’s also a new facebook page, an instagram link and even a link to my twitter feed.. though I must admit I don’t ‘tweet’ very often.
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