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"Algonquin Park: Where My Canoe has Taken Me" Photography exhibit by Sean Rowley

sean rowley

I was invited on Tuesday, March 22nd to attend the opening night of my friend Sean Rowley's Algonquin Park photo exhibit. I have known Sean for a number of years; meeting him online then being invited to accompany him on a canoe trip. We hit it off well, with both of us being aspiring outdoor photographers, our interests were very much alike. Since then our friendship has grown.
So it was with admiration that I arrived to a very busy McLean Centre in Ajax, Ontario. I was greeted by Sean's family and 'signed in'. There was a marvellous display of treats surrounding an "Opening Day" cake in honour of the event under the name of Sean's Photography Studio; “Raging River Studios”.

I grabbed the accompanying flyer and proceeded along the main hallway of the centre and examining the photos with great interest. Much to my astonishment, many of the photos were ones that I recognized, many had been shot while I accompanied Sean on various canoe trips to Algonquin Park. The highlight of the exhibition was the choice of display Sean had decided upon; Canvas.

opening night 2011

There was a total of thirty-five photographic prints, printed on canvas material wrapped around a backing frame. I have seen this method before and is becoming a popular trend these days. The great thing about this display in Sean's case was that it worked and it worked well. Many of the prints had the allure of having been painted with a brush, a very nice effect which was not lost in the various landscapes and portraits Sean had photographed.

I bumped into Barry Bridgeford (Operator of Algonquin Adventures web site) and his friend Bill, well we got talking about photography, discussing many aspects of the show and the images themselves. One image in particular, "Islands Under The Clouds" I recognized immediately. It was one of my own favourite images, one that I had shot myself as well. I had not known Sean had also photographed it. His version had me wishing I was right there at that moment, so well was it captured and displayed.

islands under the clouds

The real surprise came when I started to spy images that I had never seen before, trips I had not been on with Sean, nor had he ever published them online (To my knowledge). These 'new' prints were fabulous and spoke volumes to me at the quality Sean had produced; It was one thing to view previously viewed images in a new format, but quite another to see the never before seen images on canvas. Some of them were hard to discern; Were they produced by a brush or by a lens?

sean panoramic

I think Sean's timing was good too, with about one month before the ice is gone, it is a great diversion from the winter blahs that are still ongoing in this cold spring of 2011. Viewing of Sean Rowley's exhibit is free to the public and can be viewed in person at the McLean Centre at 95 Magill Drive in Ajax, Ontario.

The exhibit runs until April 25th, 2011; While waiting for the ice to depart, stop by and spark a fever. You'll not be disappointed.

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