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Private Tours - From 3 Days up to 23 Days
For intermediate paddlers

From 3 Days up to 23 Days

Book your private tour today and your wish is yours to command; We can guide you through your most ambitious canoe trip you can dream up (Or we can set one up for you) to just a private little 3 day jaunt for You & your party.

Either way, You get to have it your way!

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Activities include:

Just about whatever you wish! Base camping, mobile base camping, tripping. Canoeing, portaging, camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, star gazing, sleeping and solitude.

It’s ‘Your’ tour and ‘You’ get to do whatever ‘You’ want. Unlike our package plans, You get the freedom to design and decide where you want to go and what you want to see and do. If You need ‘Guidance’ in making these decisions, we can assist in making your wish come true.

For private tours we also offer winter base camping. Snowshoe thru the woods hauling gear on a sled and sleep in a canvas tent complete with a wood burning stove.

A forty-five minute orientation meeting is required at the beginning of the trip to familiarize our guests with the aspects of canoeing & water safety. For winter camping a forty-five minute meeting is required to discuss gear limitations and personal safety.
What is included in the package:

Equipment (Use of): Lightweight canoe, paddles, pfd (Life jacket), marine safety kit, lightweight tent & sleeping pad, headlamp, saws, canoe pack & food barrel (one pack and barrel per canoe). Drinking & eating utensils are also included. Fishing rod and tackle will be available upon request. (A fishing license is required).

For winter trips, the use of a tent and stove is included as well as wood burning stove, packs and safety gear and sled. Snowshoes and trekking poles are also included.

Food: Breakfast (Including pick-up day), trail lunches and snacks and dinners are provided each day. One glass of wine is provided per person for each night of the scheduled trip.

Fun: Our guides offer nearly 20 years of experience in the interior of Algonquin Park; From 20 day solo canoe trips to 22 day tandem trips. We’ve done it all including winter camping experience for over 10 years. Pick your dates and select what you want to see and do and we’ll take care of the rest. “Fun” is Algonquin Park’s middle name!

Permits: Your camping permit is included in the cost of your trip.

Transportation: Pick-up/drop-off is in the town of Huntsville on the morning/afternoon of the the first day/last day of the trip. Transportation to and from Huntsville can be arranged at extra cost, depending on our guests’ needs.
What is NOT included in the package:

Hotel Accommodation: It is recommended that our international guests make their own arrangements if they need a hotel room the day before and/or day after the trip.

Sleeping Bags: Being a personal item, it is recommended that our guests bring their own sleeping bag. As a general rule, we do not provide sleeping bags. However, if a guest is unable to bring their own sleeping bag, we will provide one upon request. This must be indicated when you fill out the contact information form.

Fishing Permit: A fishing permit is not included. It is the responsibility of our guests to obtain a fishing permit.

For non-residents of Canada, a fishing license can be obtained beforehand online via the Ontario government web site. Click here to read the requirements of a fishing license. A permit can be purchased online by clicking here.

If necessary, a permit can be purchased in person in Huntsville for any guest that requires one. However, this will take time and possibly delay our departure in the morning by an hour or two. If arriving the night before, we recommend this be done that night. Assistance can be provided in this manner.

Cellphone service: There is no cellphone service in the interior of Algonquin Park. Connection might be possible, briefly, near access lakes. Once deeper inside The Park though, we will be utterly alone. Hope you can handle the disconnection withdrawals!
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