October 20 - Day 2
Exploring Owl Lake

The next morning was cloudy and damp. However, it was still quite warm and it was the topic of discussion among the group. October can be full of surprises, but warm days in Late October are a rare treat. It didn't matter if it was a wet weekend. That it was warm was a bonus. Just before 10:00am Mike B was already out on the water paddling solo over to the nearby campsite for a peak at the accommodations there.

Group camping

Some of the "AA" gang gather around for morning coffee

We split up, Andrew and myself decided to bushwhack our way over to the nearby campsite. Mike came back to camp to pick-up Stainless, then the Stainless/Mike B duo and Dave Harman headed over to the 1315m portage into Linda Lake. It was reported later on that they spotted a moose along the trail to Linda Lake.

After visiting the nearby campsite, which we found to be smaller than our campsite, yet with a nice rock outcropping, we headed west, hiking along a ridge, then descended north into a nearby dry marsh. There wasn't much to see, old moose scat and a few animal trails and that was it.

Solo paddling Owl Lake

Mike B solo paddles to a nearby campsite


Bracket Fungi
Walking on a bare ridge behind camp, I came upon many ‘bracket fungi' growths

Back at camp Racoon made repairs to his canoe, his yoke having broke while crossing the portage into Owl Lake. With metal wire, Racoon was able to make his canoe portage worthy again and by 1:55pm was on the water solo, heading for home. The fella had only been with us for about 17 hrs and now he had to leave. Like I said before he is a hard guy to keep around. If you get to keep Racoon around for a full two or three day weekend, you are lucky, he is a very busy person!

Canoe repair

"Racoon" repairs his canoe while Dave H & Paddlin look on

Late in the day, just before 4:00pm we had more showers move though the lake and also saw a party paddle down the lake, heading to Linda Lake. The rain ceased after an hour and the rest of the day and evening were quite pleasant.

Owl Lake canoe

Canoe repaired: "Racoon" departs Owl Lake

The camaraderie around the fire-pit that night was great. There are few people that would do what we do; paddling and camping in the rain late in the season, but it can be rewarding. I went to bed early again that night. Andrew stayed up, he had slept about 13 hrs the night before, he had slept in quite late and I ended up making breakfast for the fella, when I should've been making lunch!

Owl Lake canoe
Andrew snaps an image of Mike B/Stainless duo returning from Linda Lake


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