April 26 - Day 2
Fishing Pen Lake

Trout season begins!
Jeffrey and I paddled with Paddlin as we headed over to Pen Lake to fish for trout. We arrived at the portage to Pen Lake just before 11:00am, as we had gotten off to a relaxed start. We all had to have our bacon and eggs with coffee before we went anywhere. The paddle down to the portage was uneventful, with the usual headwind slowing us down a bit. We crossed the mucky 375m portage and put-in to a high and flooded landing at Pen Lake. The landing was busy with several other campers, many with children clogging the landing. We waited our turn then launched our canoe and headed out onto a windy looking Pen Lake.

Rock Lake
Jeanine at the portage to Pen Lake (Rock Lake end)

Neither Jeffrey nor I felt like battling winds, I just wanted to fish, so we paddled around the Northeast bay where the portage to Gem Lake was located. Paddlin was there too, with Dave catching a nice two pound speckled trout. I caught nothing. Stainless showed up too, paddling solo for a bit, before disappearing back the way he came. After about three hours of catching nothing Jeffrey and I decided to head back to Rock Lake.

Brook Trout
”Paddlin" with a nice speckled trout he caught on Pen Lake

We paddled around a bit on the way back, exploring some of the shoreline around the lake. The water was much calmer on the lake near our campsite. The wind wasn't calm at all the day before, as I had watched newcomer Jeff Proppe get pushed around in his canoe while soloing for his first time. This day though, Jeff had decided to stay in camp. He had never experienced solitude in Algonquin before and the few hours that we were gone had him hooked.

Bo's guitar
Master Bo warms up on his guitar

Upon arrival back at camp we noticed no one was around, everyone was over at Master Bo's campsite and with good reason. Master Bo & Sheila had caught seven trout between them! Bo had paddled and portaged his way over to his "Secret" Lake.

Speckled trout catch
”Master Bo" & company caught a mess of specks on a stocked lake


Bo's camp
”Bo’s campsite: Home away from home

The evening was spent over at Bo's site as he invited us to share in the trout he had caught. It was my first time cooking trout over the fire (I was appointed this duty) and I learned a lot that first time. Bo later on brought out his guitar and we had an enjoyable evening around the fire with music and laughs galore.

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