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markinthepark.com offers guided canoe trips into Algonquin Park's interior, specializing in both the west and north sides of The Park. You can start planning your canoe trip by visiting the "Guided Trips" page today.

This web site also offers many written trip-logs of Mark's excursions into The Park spanning more than twenty years as well as links to seasons 1& 2 of the video series "markinthepark" produced by
Matt Haughn for Rogers TV. You can watch the series here.
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July: High Falls - Nipissing River

Put that snow shovel down..

Paddling, photography, fishing and wildlife viewing. All while travelling in solitude through the forests, lakes, rivers and creeks of Algonquin Park is the specialty of markinthepark.com. If any or all of these aspects of canoe camping appeal to you then I invite you to visit the “Guided Trips” page of the web site to learn more and reserve your guided trip into Algonquin Park’s interior.

If you are unable to experience a guided trip, a visit to the "
Trip-logs" section of the web site will give you many hours of reading to occupy your mind along with photography to quench your thirst. There's also a section with downloadable content to further your exploration of Algonquin Park. There's much to explore at markinthepark.com!

It is hoped that frequent blog postings on this web site and the addition new trip-logs will help those unable to visit The Park to live vicariously through my experiences in Algonquin Park. Be sure to visit the "
Guided Trips" page to keep up to date on the latest news on the availability of guided trips in 2021.
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