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Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park is located in the south-central section of the province of Ontario, Canada. It is the province's oldest provincial park (formed in 1893) and the third largest. "The Park" often referred to by those who know it well is vast, encompassing over 7,700 square kilometres. With over 2,000 kilometres of canoe routes in The Park's interior, Algonquin Park has much to offer the average canoeist (and kayakers too). Those looking for a slice of solitude and a chance to re-connect with nature are in luck; with hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of waterways to explore and nearly two thousand interior campsites to choose from, Algonquin Park offers some of the finest outdoor experiences one can encounter in central Ontario.


I had started the website in April of 2005, mainly as a way to keep track of all the lakes I had camped on. It was expensive purchasing all those letter stickers to label my canoe with(Not to mention, I was running out of room); building a website was cheaper. I soon discovered that not only reading other people’s trip-logs was addictive, but that writing them was lots of fun too. I wanted to give back to the community that had helped me so much in my quest to be informed and safe while travelling in The Park. I love Algonquin Park very much and all I want to do is be there as much as I can. Thus the web domain name was born, “markinthepark.com”. My goal is to be in The Park as much as possible and that is never going to change! The web site title, “Mark’s Algonquin Park Sampler” is just that, my writing and photography giving web visitors a sample of what one can encounter while visiting Algonquin Park.

In the fall of 2007 I launched a companion blogging site to fill the gap that was associated with the long wait in-between trip-log postings. As such I began to ignore the website more and more and fell further behind in my trip-log postings. This was complicated by the fact that the authoring software I was using was buggy, slow and annoying to work with, not mention the template system was out of date as well. This newest incarnation of the website permits much easier trip-log authoring, as well as the inclusion of a blogging page within the website. I hope readers will find the new site easier and faster to navigate around, while providing more detailed info that is much easier on the eyes and mind to browse though.


There's not much to say. I absolutely love Algonquin Park. Tripping into the interior "ROCKS!" as far as I'm concerned. I live & work in Toronto (which to be honest, I cannot stand) and when I'm not working, I try to get up to The Park as often as I can. I have a deep respect for places such as Algonquin Park and its flora & fauna that dwell there. I'm a firm believer in 'Less is More'. Less Toronto, More Algonquin! Less work, More Paddling! Less material goods, More twig technology....And yes, I have my towel with me...always.

For years, I've been reading other trippers’ journals. There's nothing like reading up on someone's trip-log into Algonquin's interior, to feed the hunger. This web site is my contribution to the Algonquin Park community, to all those people out there who can never get enough of The Park. Especially given the long winters here in Canada, it helps to pass the time and it also can be dangerous; Reading trip-logs in February to quell cabin fever, is like putting gasoline on a fire! You have been warned! :-)

Web site changes and enhancements
I'm sure many of you have noticed the new sidebar, now located on the right hand side of most web pages. There are two varieties of them, one for the "root" level web pages; designed to give reader's a quick glance at the latest web site news, a list of "Quick Links" and the current weather in Algonquin Park, as reported by "The Weather Network". There is also a “Newsletter” sign-up on the homepage’s sidebar. The second type of sidebar, is located in trip-log web pages. This new trip-log specific sidebar, will give detailed information at a glance of each days' travel stats, weather, etc. I think readers will enjoy this improvement over the old trip-log style.

The "Daily Route Map" is a tiny window that has a very small footprint, that is included in the new trip-log sidebar. Clicking on the map window will produce a pop-up window with a larger map displaying the daily route of my travels. Also, Jeffrey McMurtrie of
algonquinmap.com has granted me permission to use his beautiful maps to display my daily travel routes. Thank You Jeffrey!

New "Links" page

All web site banners, slideshows, pop-up maps/weather data and the new clickable trip-log map are all javascript based (The banners used to be flash based). The use of javascript actually increases the demand on your cpu, however only briefly and with the speed of modern computers the ‘hit’ on the cpu is negligible. In some instances, some users disable flash and javascript when surfing. For this website it is recommended that you enable javascript to enjoy the full capabilities of the web site. This also means that on devices such as the iPad, the website can be viewed pretty much unhindered with virtually no missing content.

The web site has been optimized for high-speed internet and those unlucky enough to be accessing the website via dial-up might notice a significant slowdown while loading the web site.

It is recommended for PC users to view this site best with Internet Explorer version 8 or higher. For Mac OS X users it is recommended to use Safari version 5 or higher.

A complete list of web site pages:

  • “Homepage” an introduction with newsletter sign-up and donation button

  • “News” page is a chronicle of updates to the web site

  • “Blog” page, a new blogging engine built right into the web site

  • “Trip-logs” index page, now browsable by map or numbered list

  • “Galleries”: a complete slideshow collection, fully commented photos

  • Downloads: Media such as maps(Mirrored), videos and wallpapers

  • The new “Gear” page describes what gear I use for backcountry tripping

  • “101”: Tricks & techniques that I employ for successful backcountry living

  • The “Links” page has a vast collection of Algonquin Park related web links

  • This “About” page that you are reading right now

  • A dedicated “contact” page to send an email to Mark/Donate to the web site

  • A “Disclaimer” page


Some new enhancements:
  • Better sidebar(s)

  • javascript header images (Replacing the old flash based header images)

  • javascript based map and weather data

  • downloadable trip-logs in PDF format (Excluding photos)

  • Expanded slideshow galleries

  • web site fully tested with p.c. based browsers (Specifically IE 6-8 and mozilla)

  • Simplified publishing resulting in quicker postings

  • The web site is browsable for the most part on mobile devices such as the iPad.

I hope you enjoy the new web site and all that I have to offer you;
the avid Algonquin Park visitor and enthusiast!

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