Jeff's Map (Maps by Jeff) Version 6 Released!


OMG! They're heeeere.
That's right. After almost 10 years a newer and even better version of Jeff's Algonquin Map is now available. Now entitled "
Maps by Jeff", Jeff has released a set of 5 maps encompassing the entire Algonquin Provincial Park area, plus a few areas immediately outside The Park boundary that co-inside to canoe routes that enter/exit The Park accordingly.

I've ordered all five maps to add to my collection and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival in the mail. Until they arrive I am reviewing the digital edition of the map(s). There is so much to cover in this review. Firstly, I will start with the online experience.

Jeff is back! [Very soon]


Well, well, well.. Looks like Christmas is coming early this year. News from Jeff himself has it that the next incarnation of his Algonquin Park maps is very close to release! With a new brand name - "Maps by Jeff", the excitement is building. The above image is a sample released by Jeff as a teaser for all those "Jeff's map"/"Unlostify" map loving fans out there. Get your credit cards out and your Christmas stockings ready. Read More...

2022 Guiding schedule now online!


This year I've lined up two exciting guided canoe programs in Algonquin Park.

The first program is The Meanest Link Canoe Route. A brutal but fun canoe route that can challenge even the most hardened canoeist. The guided trip is offered three times through-out 2022, In July, August and September. Each trip is two weeks in length. A real tour du force canoe trip. To learn more and reserve your spot on the guided meanest link trip, click

Another program is a
guided day-trip for small groups of up to 5 people via access#2 Tim River. Split 5 ways (Or even 4 ways) the cost of the trip is quite an economical way to enjoy a day of paddling through one of the lesser travelled access points in Algonquin Park. You get a lot of 'bang for your buck' in this deal. Read More...

Website updates

The Galleries page has been removed as its software is no longer being updated and is incompatible with the website authoring software. Trip-log#148 is an example of the updates taking place with respect to the galleries - Each day of a trip-log now has a gallery embedded at the bottom of the page. All future trip-logs and past ones will reflect these changes over time. I apologize for the removal of the gallery section but it had to be done. In time they will all be restored in the new format.

Another update is the removal of the contact page. Last year the contact page had become the target of bot attacks and subsequently I now receive a lot of junk email through it.

I can still be contacted via the "contact" link at the bottom of every web page next to the copyright. Clicking on this link will open your email client.


Trip-log#130 is updated


Trip-log#130 has been edited and updated to the new web site format that is compatible with mobile devices such as tablets. The dark theme should make night reading easier on the eyes. Read More...

Trip-log#148 now online


Trip-log#148 is a one-way, nine day semi-solo canoe trip from access#2 Tim River to access#5 Canoe Lake. The goal of the trip was to complete the Tim River. Paddling a 6km section of the river never previously paddled before. Read More...

Day-trip to Slim Lake


I went into The Park on Thursday January 7th for a quick 2 hour trek in and out of Slim Lake. I had never heard of it. I was browsing thru Jeff’s map and looking for ways in that where off the beaten path and saw Slim Lake and took the chance. Read More...