Trip-log#148 now online


Trip-log#148 is a one-way, nine day semi-solo canoe trip from access#2 Tim River to access#5 Canoe Lake. The goal of the trip was to complete the Tim River. Paddling a 6km section of the river never previously paddled before.

The trip took place late in the month of September back in 2017. Unusually high water levels (For that time of the year), gave me an opportunity to complete the Tim River - Having skipped a small 6km section of the river. More unusual was the weather - Several days of temperatures in the low 30's°C were encountered. This made for challenging conditions as the trip wore on hot day after hot day.

One more thing: this new trip-log is optimized for mobile devices, specifically tablets. Although it will work on phones too, I can't imagine all that squinting to read 9 days worth of text! To read the trip-log, click
here. Cheers!
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