Jeff is back! [Very soon]


Well, well, well.. Looks like Christmas is coming early this year. News from Jeff himself has it that the next incarnation of his Algonquin Park maps is very close to release! With a new brand name - "Maps by Jeff", the excitement is building. The above image is a sample released by Jeff as a teaser for all those "Jeff's map"/"Unlostify" map loving fans out there. Get your credit cards out and your Christmas stockings ready.

I was thinking that 2024 is coming fast and I've not yet made a blog posting at all in 2023 and was I thinking to myself, I better not miss another year, but what to write about? Many thanks goes out to Jeff for getting me all pumped, I look forward to countless hours this coming winter exploring Jeff's latest Algonquin Park map and planning my endless variety of canoe and winter trips. Whether they come to fruition or not doesn't matter.. Planning a canoe trip is half the fun! I wish Jeff success in his latest incarnation and look forward to exploring more of The Park through his map this winter.
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