MNR publishes Algonquin Park fishing regulations online

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has published an online guide to Algonquin Park fishing regulations. Published under "Fishing Destination Series: Algonquin Park - Zone 15" section, the webpage details fishing seasons for specific species of fish, even for ones you may never have considered, such as "Sunfish".

fishing reg 2011

In addition to fishing seasons for species of fish, fishing limits are also specified for both types of fishing licenses; Sports or Conservation. There is also information about Park wide regulations and specific waterbody exceptions that every angler should know before heading into fish.

A good example of an exception is Westward Lake in Peck township; Only artificial lures may be used and there is a reduced catch limit of 2 for both Conservation & Sports licenses and a slot limit: catches must be greater than 46cm (18.1 inches).

A fellow Park visitor noted that there is in fact errors on the page, such as November 31st being the end of splake season. There is only 30 days in November! Hopefully the errors will be corrected soon. For the complete list click
here to goto the webpage now.

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