Trip-log#130 is updated


Trip-log#130 has been edited and updated to the new web site format that is compatible with mobile devices such as tablets. The dark theme should make night reading easier on the eyes. Read More...

Trip-log#148 now online


Trip-log#148 is a one-way, nine day semi-solo canoe trip from access#2 Tim River to access#5 Canoe Lake. The goal of the trip was to complete the Tim River. Paddling a 6km section of the river never previously paddled before. Read More...

Day-trip to Slim Lake


I went into The Park on Thursday January 7th for a quick 2 hour trek in and out of Slim Lake. I had never heard of it. I was browsing thru Jeff’s map and looking for ways in that where off the beaten path and saw Slim Lake and took the chance. Read More...

The long road ahead


2021 marks the beginning of the long road ahead for me. markinthepark HQ is now located west of Algonquin Park. Just twelve minutes from the Kearney permit office. Yay! With my re-location closer to Algonquin Park now complete, it is time to turn my attention to other things..