The long road ahead


2021 marks the beginning of the long road ahead for me. markinthepark HQ is now located west of Algonquin Park. Just twelve minutes from the Kearney permit office. Yay! With my re-location closer to Algonquin Park now complete, it is time to turn my attention to other things..

Moving and living in the country has been both rewarding and challenging. It is only now into January of 2021that I've finally have things under control and have been able to settle down (From the move in mid-summer of 2020) and really start to enjoy the benefits of living out here.

Everyday I walk roundabout 4km, sometimes more down my road (pictured above). It is a lonely, quiet country road. If a vehicle passes me by on my daily one-hour trek it is rush hour here. I honestly don't know why I didn't do this twenty or thirty years ago.

Sometimes I will walk 'round my block, which is 8.5km in length, it is quite the stroll. It is very satisfying though, there is lots of forest here, mainly mixed with pine, both red & white along with cedar and tamaracks too. There is also lots of deciduous trees, mainly sugar maples and white birch. Even yellow birch makes its appearance here and there. The only thing I haven't seen yet are hemlocks, at least in any abundance like what you might see in Algonquin Park.

What is really important to me, what I really have wanted to do for a very long time is to write. I feel my writing mojo coming back. The setting is perfect here, the silence - quite a relief! I feel I am emerging from the longest writer's block I've ever endured. So if you enjoy reading and have ever enjoyed any of my trip-logs.. get ready!


Besides writing, I also enjoy many other things like web-site building. Been quite awhile since I've paid any attention to the web site here at So, as I write this blog entry it is occurring on a new formatted blog page, specifically designed to be mobile friendly. I hope readers out there find the new format pleasing and easier to read, especially if you're the type of person that reads on the go.

However, there are some caveats. As I update the web site, pages and even whole sections of the web site may become broken, with imagery and downloads being orphaned. I will do my best to fix these as I go along, but they will take time.

For now though I am looking forward to some snowshoeing in Algonquin Park. Should I go tomorrow or the day after? I can't wait! Are you thirsty for some winter time reading? I promise to post a report of my trip when I get back.


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