Back from Lake Opeongo

A brief report from our interior winter trip to Lake Opeongo.

I just returned from an all too short three night stay on Lake Opeongo. The decision to delay our trip by one week due to a warming trend the previous week was the correct one, as we encountered favourable conditions for ice travel. Ice depth measurements yielded between 14 and 16 inches.

Among the wildlife seen and heard were;
  • Barred Owls: heard to be possibly mating
  • A pine marten passing by our campsite
  • Several instances of fresh wolf tracks
  • Many instances of old moose tracks near our campsite
  • deer rubbings behind our campsite

lake opeongo

Weather was exceptionally good and no other people were seen on this quiet weekend spent on the Lake’s south arm. Travel to the East arm was surprisingly exhausting as the extensive ice-travel took a toll on our legs. Open water was seen at the narrows to The East arm. More can be seen and read here at the web site soon when a trip-log is published online.

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