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Checking out this web site I was amazed at the idea and wondered why someone hadn’t thought of it sooner. I always thought that seeing Canada should be a school course with credits. What a fantastic country we live in and I think a great way to see a good portion of it is via an affordable road-trip. outheretravel.ca is the web site to visit if you want to explore some of Canada on a tight budget.

The bus tour has an average of 15 individuals per trip, which I think is a great number. Larger groups lack the personable attention that a guide can give in a closed environment such as a bus. In this way you’ll not feel crowded or overlooked by the guide. Yes, the bus is air-conditioned, which is awesome. A requirement if you intend to tour Canada in the heat of the summer. Though there is no wi-fi included on the bus, there is wi-fi available at most destinations. This gives you the freedom to disconnect, experiencing the enjoyment of the bus trip, while possibly connecting online with friends and family at your daily accommodations/destination stops.

What I really like about the set-up is the options available. You can tailor your bus trip with minimum expense or go all out, planning and paying for top notch side-trips and accommodations at each destination, all the while letting someone else handle the driving. There are included activities, like hiking on day-use trails in Algonquin Park, which I think is awesome of course!

Most destinations give you ample time to explore - The bus tour giving most locations 2 or more nights stay before moving on. Whether you want a 1 day hiking trip or a two day canoe trip, the bus tour can take you there.


Accommodations are not included in the trip, yet this gives you the flexibility to decide on what you need/want with respects to your sleeping arrangements. Hostels appear to be the first choice of availability at most destinations. Those with bigger wallets can upgrade to hotel accommodations - Tailoring your bus trip to your budget. The web site is very extensive with everything detailed to what’s included and what’s not. I really like the idea of this bus tour. If you’re young, adventurous, like to meet new people and want to explore Canada, give outheretravel.ca a try!
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