Paddling Adventures Radio


A good friend of mine, Sean Rowley of has started his own paddling radio show called “Paddling Adventures Radio”. The show is hosted courtesy of Reno Viola Outdoors Radio.


The show is centred around paddling outdoors and just about anything under the sun that has to do with paddling; Canoeing, ahem - Kayaking, Stand-up paddle boards, gear reviews, safety tips, Did I say canoeing?

I’ve heard thru the grapevine that the show has received positive reviews from listeners. I would concur having listened to several episodes already. I think Sean and his pal Derek have found their niche.

There is nothing else like it around and one hour a week to listen to anything concerned with paddling is one hour of heaven. Thank You guys, I can’t wait of the next episode.

Oh wait! I’m on the next episode!
Listen March 9, 2016 @ 6am and 6pm as Sean talks with me about solo canoe camping.

Go to Reno Viola Outdoors Radio website
here and listen to the show.
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