Removing the shackles of winter!

The snow is finally all gone (For real this time). It was a beautiful breezy and warmish spring day, a great day to go through the shed, pulling out all my winter camping and summer camping gear.

After hanging my winter tent for a month to defrost and dry out, I inspected the tent then packed it away, as well as the tent stove. Next, I set-up my Tarn 3 tent, and applied Scotch-guard to the fly. I also shortened the shock-cord as there was slack in the line connecting the tent-poles.

I had to repair one of my tarps with a new roll of handy duct tape. I patched up all the large holes and one nasty tear. The tarp is as good as new!

I dropped by MEC yesterday and picked up a badly needed brand new map last one only lasted 4 years before it finally gave out. Of course, while wandering around MEC the spring fever spread to my wallet and although the urge to spend was overwhelming, I managed to keep my spending limited to only two additional items; a nice pair of socks and an MSR 15 litre compression bag for my "Raven Wide" sleeping bag I bought last year.

On the way home I stopped by Canadian tire and saw a Brunton flashlight that doubles as a lantern and accepts multiple battery types and a "Swiss flint survival tool", great for getting fires started when you run our of matches, your lighter fails or they are all wet with rain.

I keep an extra lighter and small flashlight in my marine safety kit and changed the battery in the flashlight getting it ready for the season, I also packed the newly purchased flint tool in the safety kit. If the backup lighter should ever fail the trusty flint tool will do, saving me hours of hassle trying to do things the Les Stroud way! (You know what I mean).

One of my paddles was found to be ruined with a crack running up the blade, so I will have to purchase a new one next weekend. Other then that, the canoe and all other gear is good to go.

Just waiting for the ice to disappear…c'mon sunshine, rain, wind, warm temps, etc....hurry up!

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