Trip-log#130 is online


Trip-log#130 is now online. Chronicling a four day visit through access#6 Smoke Lake in Late November 2015 with temperatures hovering around 0°C and snowfall, making for a pretty scenic trip.

The trip-log includes a few new things never before seen in trip-logs on the web site; Animated daily route maps, new trip-log navigation links at the bottom of every page and a new layout. Also, a new bigger and better gallery has been added. Another update to make note of is the Trip-logs page that contains links to all published trip-logs - The page is now up to date, with all links and images in the clickable Algonquin Park map (By access#) now working correctly. The Galleries page is in the midst of being updated as well, with completion to the update sometime in the fall of 2016. I know.. it seems far off, but hey, paddling season is almost here!
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