Trip-log#50 Slideshow Gallery
A collection of fifty-five images from a two week solo stay on Lake Opeongo (Access#11)

Driving along highway#60 Paddling out of Sproule Bay - Autumn colours not yet mature Sunset on Lake Opeongo first night Unloading canoe of firewood Sunset paddle on Lake Opeongo Sunset paddle on Lake Opeongo Sunset second night on Lake Opeongo Cameron Creek Cameron Creek Moose skull on Cameron Creek Cameron Creek Cameron Creek near Rail Lake Below Cameron Creek Walking the forests of Lake Opeongo Merganser dives Mergansers surfacing Looking towards the mouth of the North Arm of Lake Opeongo Sunet last night on the South Arm Sunrise on Day 6 Camp on the East arm of Lake Opeongo Pebbles underwater Unidentified bird Snowshoe hare Canoe onshore Ponder the paddle? Sunset third night on the East Arm cleaned fire-pit area Storm clouds on day 5 on the East Arm Close-up of a Snowshoe hare Paddling Opeongo Island Cedar stump among shallow waters Autumn colours maturing on the East Arm Fallen leaf Pine cones Mountain of clouds behind a hilltop Full moon over Opeongo Stellar sunset on Lake Opeongo Looking through the narrows to the South Arm Fall Colours peaking in the East Arm Blow-downs on Opeongo Island campsite My Opeongo Island campsite Camspite outside Deadman's Bay Trap Lake, looking into Deadman's Bay Slot Lake Beyond Slot Lake Beyond Slot Lake past the beaver dam Looking back at the end of Slot Lake Mergansers on Lake Opeongo Lake Opeongo - North end of the East Arm Hot Apple Cider anyone? Fall foilage surrounding my campsite Busy skies my last night on Lake Opeongo Dawn on morning of departure The two hills from Sproule Bay - 14 days later Looking up Sproule Bay as I depart access#11