Trip-log#78 Slideshow Gallery
A collection of twenty-five photos from a week long visit to White Partridge Lake and area, deep inside Algonquin Park.

Julian enjoy a moment relaxing on the wagon A luna moth with stunning camouflage at the Sand Lake Gate A horse eyes me at the meadow on White Partidge Lake Watering a horse on White Parthridge Lake "Bo Knows" enjoys the warmth of a campfire as a snowstorm rolls in A White Partridge Express (WPX 2010) Kodak moment displaying the depth of snowfall John Scarlett adds a paddle to "Ilene" our WPX mascot Seonds after the photoshoot with "Ilene" White Partridge Creek A snowy McNorton Lake "Bo Knows" relaxes among the remnants of snow in the strengthening May sunshine A close-up of an island on White Partridge Lake Another view of the island White Partridge Creek May Lake Some tasty speckled trout Red pine stand on North Branch Lake Very large and old beaver dam along the portage to Loonskin Lake Pete marches across the top of the beaver dam A beaver pond along the portage to Loonskin Lake "Preacher" paddles solo on North Branch Lake "Preacher" catches a fish on North Branch Lake Our group breaking camp on North Branch Lake John/Pete & Mark/Mike depart North Branch Lake heading back to White Partridge Lake Our host Andrew preps his horses for the jounrey back