Trip-log#79 Slideshow Gallery
A selection of twenty-six photos from a quick two night solo to Rosebary Lake via access#2 - Tim River.

A beautiful misty morning as I arrived at the permit office in Kearney Paddling the Tim River Ahead a bull moose feeds at the narrows into Longbow Lake bull moose feeding on Rosebary Lake Another close-up of a bull moose feeding A great blure heron along the Tim River Tim River with Rosebary Lake mere minutes ahead Arrival at Rosebary Lake Moose feeding in the narrows at sunset More moose goodness! Moose with nice rack Moose silhouetted in the narrows to Rosebary Lake A Great Blue Heron on the lookout for fish in the dusk of a June evening Mergansers basking in the sunset Sunset first night on Rosebary Lake A garter snake basks in the sunlight on Rosebary Lake Wild Iris The lovely beach on the north shore of Rosebary Lake Looking at Rosebary Lake from the trailhead of the portage to Floating-Heart Lake Leech (One of many!) on Rosebary Lake Looking down the narrows from my campsite on Rosebary Lake This moose was very tolerent of my presense as the wind blew me right by him Mother goose stands nearby her gosling Paddling Tim Lake Leaving Rosebary Lake as I began my ascent up the Tim River Paddling up the Tim River