Trip-log#92 Slideshow Gallery
Seventy-nine images from the "Meanest Link" Part I canoe route trip through Algonquin Park.

The "six on six" crew as they prepare to launch from the AO dock in Huntsville Entering the Big East River Stopping for lunch along the Big East River A painted turtle on The Big East River Hills surrounded us as we paddled up the Big East River. Huge sandbanks graced the river as we continued our paddle upstream 35m high sandbanks at the "Big Bend" an oxbow on the Big East River Setting up camp a few minutes past the Williamsport Bridge Waterfalls below the Distress Lake dam Scott walks above the falls that are below the Distress Lake dam. A tasty and hearty meal as we camped at the Falls below Distress Lake Some waterfalls below Distress Lake Somewhere along the Big East River between Distress Lake and Finlayson Lake. What to do now? - McArthur Chute John & Jim consult a map at "Lucifer's Ledge". Arrival at the end of a series of falls below Distress Lake. Entering a heavily treed and rocky section of The Big East River leading upto Finlayson Lake Paddling onto Finlayson Lake Nearing the end of Finlayson Lake Arrival at McCraney Lake A beautiful afternoon from our campsite on McCraney Lake John & Mark preparing for the portage to Rain Lake A large snapping turtle as we crossed Casey Lake Jim & Scott ahead of us as we near the end of Daisy Lake Moose bones - Waking up on Mubwayaka Lake Leaving Mubwayaka Lake - Arrival at the 470m portage to some pond. Moon over Chibiabos Lake Loons on Chibiabos Lake The alders on the Nipissing..hours and hours of them. Stopping for lunch at a blowdown across the Nipissing River Arrival at portage on the Nippissing River Arrival at the Highview Cabin on the Nipissing River A look at the front of the Highview Cabin The author, "Mark" posing at the Highview cabin, happy to be in The Park The nipissing as it flows by the Highview Cabin On the river again after departing from a lunch break at the Highview Cabin View from the portage around Allen Rapids High Falls on the Nipissing River Jim & John atop High Falls on the Nipissing River A zoomed shot; Entering the Sedge Meadow, Nipissing River A wide angle shot of our party entering the Sedge Meadow, Nipissing River Mark & John Scarlett gracefully paddling the Nipissing River Relaxing around the fire-pit after another long day on the Nipissing River. Our campsite for the night at Rolling Dam, Nipissing River A bull moose on our last morning on the Nipissing River A cow moose on the Nipissing River Exiting the Nipissing River, beyond lay Cedar Lake Our happy gang, glad to be arriving on Cedar Lake. Many articles about Brent history grace the walls of the AO store on Cedar Lake Late afternoon on the beach at our campsite on Cedar Lake Evening as the sun sets on Cedar Lake Misty morning at Rolling Dam campsite Second evening sunset on Cedar Lake John Scarlett admires the view of the Petawawa River after completing a 960m portage Scott & Jeffrey as they complete the last few treacherous meters of their 960m carry-over Paddling down the beautiful Petawawa River Petawawa River after Battery Rapids Kildeer Lake Beautiful Canadian Shield Rock campsite on Kildeer Lake Approaching the Crow River (Right) as it joins the Petawawa River (Centre & Left) Unnamed falls at the first portage on the Crow River (175m) Mark & John Scarlett relax at "The Forks" Looking back at Lavaque Lake Bypassing a portage on the Crow River Arrival at a nasty put-in on the Crow River Arrival at "Swifty's" campsite on Lake Lavieille Mark Scarlett and company relax at "Swifty's" campsite on Lake Lavieille Lake Lavieille John Scarlett makes his way down to shore to retrieve water on "Swifty's" campsite Early evening among the red pines on Lake Lavieille Arrival at Bonfield Lake after the 5,305m portage from Dickson Lake The gang plus three friends on Lake Opeongo campsite - East Arm The lovely beach campsite on Lake Opeongo's East Arm Late afternoon on Lake Opeongo's East Arm Another photo of the bay we camped on Lake Opeongo's East Arm Sunset on Lake Opeongo Point campsite south of Windy Point. Look for a similar image from trip-log#90 during the month of February! John Scarlett prepares to carry his canoe to the AO Opeongo Store. Part I of the trip is complete, all six of us happy and grubby..bring on part II!