Trip-log#93 Slideshow Gallery
Sixty-five images from a sixteen day solo trip from Aylen Lake to Achray in Algonquin Park.

Morning Mergansers Small island on Alsever Lake Cliffs of Alsever Lake Marshy narrows between Roundbush & Alsever Lakes View from a canoe: The beaver dam holding back Roundbush Lake Along the eastern shore of Roundbush Lake Approaching the Roundbush Lake beaver dam Paddling McKaskill Lake North end of McKaskill Lake Interesting coloured frog on McKaskill Lake McKaskill Lake islands Visiting a campsite on McKaskill Lake Early evening on McKaskill Lake Campsite on Hidden Lake Hidden Lake Looking towards the 'meadow' of White Partridge Lake Hills along White Partridge Lake's southeast shoreline Launching onto North Branch Lake Arrival at a campsite on North Branch Lake Early evening among the pines on North Branch Lake Late season Pickerel plant flower North Branch Lake Loonskin Lake Barron Lake Greenleaf Lake Looking west up Greenleaf Lake Island on Greenleaf Lake Some of the rocky shoreline of Greenleaf Lake Near the West end of Greenleaf Lake Cliffs of Greenleaf Lake The north shore of Greenleaf Lake Looking back at my campsite on Greenleaf Lake Late afternoon on Greenleaf Lake Morning mist on Greenleaf Lake Small cliffs on Carcajou Lake Carcajou creek old cabin (Private) on Guthrie Lake Active beaver lodge Clover Lake Pagonia Lake Improvised portage across a beaver meadow grass pink lake.jpg End of navigable water east of Grass Pink Lake Portaging to get to the portage! Paddling the narrows between Little Tarn and Tarn Lakes Approaching Tarn Lake Cliffs of Tarn Lake There's a moose and a canoe in this picture, can you see both? Arrival at the 4,305m portage to St.Andrew Lake (Tarn Lake) Morning mist on Tarn Lake Looking back at the put-in to Stratton Lake Arrival on Stratton Lake proper My friend 'Racoon" arrives at camp on Stratton Lake Sunset on Stratton Lake Last Supper (In The Park): Steak, spuds & carrots, with red wine & chocolate Shortly after sunrise on Stratton Lake Morning on Stratton Lake Arrival on Grand Lake Along Alsever Lake Calf and cow moose depart the river Cow moose on the Aylen River Moose calf on the Aylen River Cow moose and calf feeding in the Aylen River The rockslide on Alsever Lake A better view of the cliffs of Alsever Lake