The Meanest Link guided canoe trip

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Improvised portage to Lady-Slipper Lake

So.. Think you can paddle?

Alex Hurley and Gordon Baker of Algonquin Outfitters crafted the canoe route in honour of Algonquin Outfitters founder Bill Swift Sr, otherwise known as 'Mean dude". The canoe route connects all four outfitter stores that serve Algonquin Park and surrounding area.

For history and full details of the Meanest Link canoe route, you can get it from the source

When a week feels like a month!

The route covers 420km and is offered by Mark as a guided canoe trip for two weeks - That's 13 nights/14 Days. Mark accomplished the link back in 2012 with 5 others in a two year/two part stint. There are no awards for finishing 'the link' in record time, it was never intended to be a 'race'. This trip is for those that want to challenge themselves, while getting the full interior Algonquin Park experience.
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Mubwayaka Lake
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Bypassing a portage on the Nipissing River

Sounds great! What do I get?

For $1,999.00 (Per person) you get Mark as your guide, your camping permit, 3 meals a day plus snacks. Food drops will also be provided so that the group never carries more than 4 or 5 days of food at a time. Accommodation the night before the trip with a bbq included. Canoe rental is $500 per trip. Tent and other supplies $500 per trip. Taxes are extra (13% HST).

Who's this trip for, really?

This guided trip is ideal for those that are of intermediate experience and up. The trip is well suited for out of province or out of country visitors unfamiliar with Algonquin Park and the Meanest Link canoe route in general. Usually most experienced paddlers prefer supplying their own gear (Canoes, tents, etc), which is encouraged by Mark. This trip is not recommended for beginner paddlers.
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Mubwayaka Lake
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Portaging down the Petawawa River

I'm ready. Sign me up!

There are only 7 spots available for each trip. There are three trips scheduled for 2022. Click here to email Mark and start your adventure today!

  • Thursday June 30 - Wednesday July 13
  • Thursday August 4 - Wednesday August 17
  • Thursday September 1 - Wednesday September 14