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October Sunrise • Maple Lake

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September Paddle - Lake Opeongo

Cow Moose w/Calf

Opalescent Lake Campsite

October - Opalescent Lake

Head Lake

Gibson Lake

Dickson Lake

Cedar Lake Sunset

After a long day on the Nipissing River

Bull Moose - Nipissing River

High Falls - Nipissing River

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Lake Traverse Campsite

Merganser Departure

Web Links to Online Resources
You wanted links? You got'em! This page is dedicated to web links that relate in some way or another to topics of interest concerning Algonquin Park. Whether you want to discover what the moon phases will be for that all important trip, to learning more about the habits of that loon that you found so fascinating on your last trip out, links to topics like these and more can be found here. Given the extensive nature and interest of Algonquin Park, the vast collection of links is broken down into specific categories, from thereon-in the user can sort & surf through their preferred category of links.

Web Link Categories

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Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation - Pikwàkanagàn is situated on the beautiful shores of the Bonnechere River and Golden Lake.
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Mattawa/North Bay Algonquin First Nation - From the homepage, "Our Elders tell us that water is the giver and protector of life; It is also able to sustain it."
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Arowhon Pines Resort - Summer Resort & Restaurant. Located at kilometre 16 off of Highway#60 (Exit on North side) just East of Canoe Lake.
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Bartlett Lodge - Cottage Resort with Fine Dining on Cache Lake (Access#8) - Located at kilometre 23 off of Highway#60 (Exit on South side).
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Killarney Lodge - Lodge & Fine Dining. Located at kilometre 33 off of Highway#60 (Exit on South side) on Lake of Two Rivers. Has been serving guests for over seventy years.
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Mad Musher - Restaurant & Riverside Rooms. Located in the town of Whitney on Highway#60 (Exit on North side), a few kilometres East of Algonquin Park's East Gate. Open year round.
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Wolf Den Bunkhouse 'n Cabins - Algonquin Park's Log Cabin Hostel. Open year round, Located on Highway#60 (Exit on South side) a few kilometres West of The West Gate Lake.
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Algonquin Art Centre - An Art Gallery, Gift Boutique & Art Activity Centre in Algonquin Park. Located at kilometre 20 on Highway#60 at Found Lake.
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Cameron Stevens - Algonquin Park is just one of many locales that Cameron has painted. From the web site: "I'm fascinated by the trees and water of the Northern Ontario landscape".
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Cybermuse(Tom Thomson) - National Art Gallery Canada web site, linked to the gallery of world renowned painter Tom Thomson, famous Algonquin Park painter.
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Group of Seven - Web Site that sells framed prints from the Group of Seven artists. Extensive collections of the works of A.J. Casson, Lawren Harris & Tom Thomson
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McMichael Collection - The McMichael Canadian Art Collection offers its visitors a unique and truly Canadian experience. Among the galleries is the Group of Seven works of art.
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OLAF - Toronto area realist artist. Olaf's many paintings include areas in and around Algonquin Park. Some of Olaf's work can be seen on display at the Wolf Den Bunkhouse.
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Tom Thomson Art Gallery - The Tom Thomson Art Gallery has a collection of over 2000 works of art, including painting, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures and craft.
Stacks Image 321 - Based on a numerical weather model, Clear Sky Charts are perhaps the most accurate & the most usable forecasters of astronomical observing conditions.
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Dark Sky Finder - Light pollution map. Users can add their own data to the map. A quick glance gives a fairly accurate picture of light pollution around North America.
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Heavens Above - A great resource that lets you plot Space Station overflights as well as satellites and even Iridium flares. A very handy web site to surf before you visit Algonquin Park.
Stacks Image 366 - A web site with a moon phases calendar (Searchable by date). Many additional moon related facts can be found on also the web site.
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POES(NOAA) Auroral Activity - Web site that plots the auroral activity and likelihood of auroras occurring in a given zone (In this case the northern hemisphere)
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Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Toronto Centre) - Every year the Toronto Centre holds an "Annual Algonquin Adventure", A star party usually at Mew Lake campground.
Stacks Image 411 - Lots of information to help plan your night sky observations and expectations via solar data collected on a daily basis.
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StarDate Online - Moon calendar web site. Also with current information on upcoming astrological events such as eclipses, meteor showers, etc.
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Algonquin Canoe Trips - Jim Cavers blog of trips into Algonquin Park. Through this blog site, Jim also shares his interests in physical fitness and sports competitions. An Interesting read.
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Algonquin Park Stories - Tom Yates has been taking in his group of friends into Algonquin Park for many years. Tom's blog site has many trip-logs to read, with lots of photos & some video clips too.
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Algonquin Trip Logs - Troy Farrellal has a couple of Algonquin Trip-logs posted on his web site. His trip-logs are very detailed & sometimes I wonder if he had a stop-watch with him!
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A Walk in Algonquin Park - Jenn Kerr's personal Algonquin Park blogging site.
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Bob & Diana McElroy's Bush Log - "A collection of short photo essays documenting our exploration of the upper Ottawa Valley and neighbouring Algonquin Park by foot, snowshoe and canoe."

Stacks Image 521 - "Introduced to the park in 2004, I've been coming back every year to enjoy its peaceful atmosphere". - Darren Dare
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Canoeing Ontario with Al & Karen - "With over 40 years of combined experience... We offer a few of our Trip Logs, Photos, Menus, and links to other sites you might find interesting."

Stacks Image 551 - Jim Hegyi's fantastic paddling web site, which includes stories from Norm Hooper as he recounts many of his excursions into Algonquin Park.

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Chris Lawson's Personal Web site - Chris has written many trip-logs of his trips through-out Ontario and beyond. The photography, writing & web layout are all top-notch & a pleasure to surf.

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Dave Harman's Web Page - Dave has a collection of photos from several trips into Algonquin Park. Dave is also a builder of very fine marine crafts.

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Dawson Brothers Algonquin Trips - Since 2004 these two brothers began exploring Algonquin Park and documenting their canoe camping experiences.

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Jim FitzSimmons' Web Pages - Jim has been traveling Algonquin Park for years using a "Folbot". Jim's trip-logs contain a mixture of great photography & reading.

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Kermit's Trip Reports - Phil Kenney has an extensive web site dedicated to outdoor tripping. There's more than just Algonquin Park trip reports on Phil's web site. A very good resource site.

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Margaret's Algonquin Park Page - Informative trip-logs. Featuring some stories and writings from fellow trippers. Margaret's writings were one of my inspirations for taking up my own trip-log writing.

Stacks Image 656 - An extensive blog site dedicated to bushcraft, camping & photography. There are also some Algonquin Park blog reports with plenty of nature photography.

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My Beloved Algonquin! - Marc Gravel's web blog on his interior trips into Algonquin Park. Mark also has a sister web blog entitled "Wild Nature". Both are well worth the read.

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My Outdoors - Dan Boucher has a new Algonquin Park photo web site online. A long time visitor to The Park, Dan has captured many moods of Algonquin.

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Proppe's Paddles - Jeff Proppe visits the park frequently, sometimes more than I do. Yes, that makes me envious. Proppe's Paddles is Jeff's Algonquin blog, detailing his visits to The Park.

Stacks Image 716 - Homepage of Scott Rogers. Scott loves Algonquin Park & has included a few trip-logs on his web site as well as info relating to his canoe building project. A great read.

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Tuna Can Express - The Tuna Can Express has become an annual canoe trip that began in 2001, where 4 guys from Ottawa decided to take off on an adventure into the wilds of Algonquin Park.

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Views from a Canoe - Rory Leidecker's personal outdoor blog, with musings and interests pertaining to Algonquin Park. Rory's thoughtful writing style keeps me coming back for more.

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Algonquin Backcountry Recreartionalists - One of many ABR's goals is to preserve, protect and enhance wilderness-like experiences in the backcountry of Algonquin Park.
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Algonquin Eco Watch - A non-profit charitable environmental protection organization dedicated to "assess, protect & sustain the Algonquin Ecosystem for the future".
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Leave No Trace Canada - A national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships.
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Friends of the Petawawa Research Forest - Established to support, promote & protect the Petawawa Research Forest for continued scientific study, environmental education & public recreation.
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Harkness Laboratory - Harkness is one of Canada's oldest field stations. It's been a centre of excellence in aquatic ecology research since 1936.
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Hinterland Who's Who - "What it means to be Canadian has often been demonstrated through people’s attachment to wildlife and wilderness"
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Natural Resources Canada - Petawawa Research Forest - The experimental forest encompasses 100 km2 of mixed mature forest and is managed by Natural Resources Canada.
Stacks Image 876 - Ancient Forest Exploration & Research is an organization dedicated to the scientific study of ancient forest ecosystems.
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The Science Behind Algonquin's Animals - An interactive learning tool for students and teachers which explores the role of science and technology in wildlife research in Algonquin Provincial Park.
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The Balcony Birdwatcher's Bailiwick - The Whiskey-Jack site is not just a "birding" site. It also has an extensive collection of "Amateur Naturalist" subjects from Butterflies to Walking sticks".
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Wildlife Research Station - Since its inception in 1944, the WRS has been providing access and logistical support for University & government researchers from Ontario and across North America.
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Wolves - Information on the wolf species that resides in Algonquin Park, as well as the hunting ban in place around the surrounding Park townships.
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Lake Trout Fishing in a Canoe - Gary Skrzek's Lake Trout fishing web site. A great resource for learning how to successfully troll for lake trout & even how to clean & cook lake trout!
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Ontario Federation of Anglers and hunters - Among its many topics, this web site has extensive links to fishing and outfitting resources which can be useful for researching for a canoe trip.
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Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources - The link to the fish & wildlife section of the MNR web site. Provides information on yearly fishing regulations, how to get a fishing licence and more.
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Algonquin Forest Authority - The Ontario Crown agency that oversees logging operations in Algonquin Provincial Park. The web site also has a link to the Forest Management Plan.
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Canadian Institute of Forestry - Algonquin Section - Voice of the Forest Practitioners. Many links to conservation and forestry web sites as well as professional links.
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Algonquin Adventures forum - The forum dedicated to all things Algonquin Park, The main aspect of the forum covering interior canoe camping. An excellent resource!
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CCR Forum - Massive web forum dedicated to canoeing and other outdoor activities. The web site for all wishing to explore Canada's backcountry. A fantastic resource!
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OFN Community forum - A massive forum site dedicated to fishing in Ontario. A great resource for past and current fishing information, well worth the read.
Stacks Image 1086 forum - Extensive forums dedicated to all things about soloing in the outdoors, covering many aspects of solo tripping. A trip-log section can also be found in the forum section.
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WaterWalker forum - Outdoors and paddling forum with many topics covered, including fishing, photography and winter camping, extensive topics covered.
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Winter forum - The forum page of the website. An extensive and excellent resource for winter camping.
Stacks Image 1136 - A central repository for book, games, maps, biographies, photographs and stories about the human history of Algonquin Park.
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Heritage Perspectives - Local history column provides a perspective on a variety of topics from the past. I love Doug Mackay's recounts, many of which cover Algonquin Park.
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Algonquin Park Depth Maps - Stephen Molson's bathymetric mapping web site. With a collection of over 30 maps available online for purchase, there's plenty for you to explore.
Stacks Image 1186
Algonquin Park Exploration Map - Jeffrey McMurtire's independent mapping project covers Algonquin Park & surrounding regions. A real marvel of accuracy & styling, a very useful map.
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Chrismar Maps - The Adventure Map® is Canada's finest series of original topographic recreation maps featuring National Parks, Provincial Parks and other popular destinations.
Stacks Image 1216
Clark Geomatics - New map released: The Algonquin Park - Highway 60 Corridor Recreation Map. This map is an exceptional 1:75,000 scale map created for paddlers, hikers & campers alike.
Stacks Image 1231
Official Canoe Routes Map of Algonquin Park - The official canoe routes map, published by the Friends of Algonquin Park. Familiar to many this map will guide you through Algonquin Park's interior.
Stacks Image 1251
Friends of Algonquin Park - The official Park website as published by the Friends of Algonquin Park. The web site has an extensive archive of information as well as frequent news updates.
Stacks Image 1266
Ontario Parks Blog - The official blog page of Ontario Parks. With frequent news and updates, the site keeps you informed of current events and contests.
Stacks Image 1281
Ontario Parks Algonquin Park page - Ontario Park's Algonquin Park page with information and many links, including a link to the online reservation service.
Stacks Image 1296
Ontario Parks Online Reservation Service - The online reservation system where you can book campground visits to Algonquin Park and other provincial parks as well.
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Algonquin Basecamp - We offer complete outfitting, and have everything you need for canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, winter camping, etc. Serving Algonquin Park and the Almaguin Highlands.
Stacks Image 2461
Algonquin Bound - Serving the Shall Lake area (Access#17) and now Barron Canyon Rd, through Sand Lake Gate! The friendly people at Algonquin Bound can also help plan your trip.
Stacks Image 1331
Algonquin North Wilderness Outfitters - Serving access#29(Kiosk), the outfitter can be reached by train/bus service from Ottawa or Toronto/North Bay.
Stacks Image 1346
Algonquin Outfitters - This well known outfitter serves many locations through-out Algonquin Park, including the remote access point at the town of Brent (Access#27 Cedar Lake).
Stacks Image 1361
Canoe Algonquin - This outfitter serves access#'s 2, 3, and 4 on Algonquin Park's west side. The outfitter can shuttle your canoe to & from your starting point for you.
Stacks Image 1376
Northern Wilderness Outfitters - Serving access#1 (Kawawaymog Lake), this well equipped outfitter can also accommodate large groups for overnight stays.
Stacks Image 1391
Opeongo Outfitters - Serving access#'s 5, 6, 8, 11 and 17, as well as other access points upon request. Opeongo Outfitters also provides shuttle service on Lake Opeongo.
Stacks Image 1406
The Portage Store - Established in 1937 & located on Canoe Lake (Access#5) in Algonquin Park, the store serves as the gateway to the Algonquin interior.
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Raging Rivers Studios - Web site of photographer Sean Rowley. Sean has captured the beauty of Algonquin Park with many of his nature orientated prints available online.
Stacks Image 1441
Stephen Elms Photography - Steve Elms offers many prints of Algonquin Park. Steve's talents include wedding photography as well. Many examples of his work can be found online.
Stacks Image 1461
Algonquin Adventures - An excellent independent web site resource dedicated to all things Algonquin. There is also an online forum where you can interact with fellow 'Algonquinites'.
Stacks Image 1476
Canadian Canoe Routes - Massive online canoeing resource. Probably The best web site around for those who want to plan a trip anywhere in Canada. Site includes discussion forums as well.
Stacks Image 1491
Kevin Callan - The Happy Camper - Web site of the popular canoeist and avid outdoorsman. Plenty of gear reviews and 'how to videos' and much more are available online.
Stacks Image 1506 - Excellent web site dedicated to those who like to go it alone. Lots of bushcraft articles and videos to help those interested in soloing successfully.
Stacks Image 1521 - A paddling web site with its main focus on online discussion forums dedicated to many topics from canoeing to wilderness survivor skills.
Stacks Image 1541
MNR - Bear Wise page - The Ontario MNR web page dedicated to informing the public at large on how to cope with bear encounters. A very important web site to read up on!
Stacks Image 1556
FOAP's Campfires & Fire Hazard rating page - Checking this page from the official Algonquin web site will keep you up to date on the current forest fire danger rating within Algonquin Park.
Stacks Image 1571
MNR - Current Fire Situation page - Covers all of Ontario. Maps for fire danger, active fires and restricted fire zones. A great page to check-out before heading out on that all important canoe trip.
Stacks Image 1586
Transport Canada - Human-powered pleasure craft - Federal web site with important information on what safety equipment is required by law when you paddle your human powered watercraft.
Summer camps
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Camp Ahmek for Boys - Located on the mainland shore of Canoe Lake in algonquin Park, Camp Ahmek has offered adventurous summers to campers since 1921!
Stacks Image 1621
Camp Arowhon - Since 1934, three generations of campers & staff have left their mark on Camp Arowhon, enriching it with more than 70 years of history, tradition & great memories.
Stacks Image 1636
Camp Northway for Girls - Northway, Canada's oldest summer camp for girls, is located on a beautiful peninsula on Cache Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park.
Stacks Image 1651
Camp Pathfinder - Camp Pathfinder is a classic boys' camp, offering summers of adventure for ages 7-16.  Located on Pathfinder Island, Source Lake in Algonquin Park.
Stacks Image 1666
Camp Tamakwa - Founded in 1936 by naturalist Lou Handler and celebrated canoeist Omer Stringer, Tamakwa is summer home to 250-275 boys and girls -- ages 7 to 16 -- and over 125 staff.
Stacks Image 1681
Camp Tanamakoon - Camp Tanamakoon was established in 1925 and girls return year after year to develop camp skills right in Ontario's pristine Algonquin Park.
Stacks Image 1696
Camp Wapomeo for Girls - Situated on two islands on Algonquin Park's Canoe Lake, Camp Wapomeo has been offering unforgettable summers to campers since 1924!
Stacks Image 1711
Camp Wendigo for Boys - Camp Wendigo is essentially a canoe-tripping outpost, offering supervised canoe trips throughout Algonquin Park's 3000 square miles of protected wilderness.
Stacks Image 1731
Canoe Lake Ice-Out - Jefferson Ridpath's ice-out prediction website; A fun way to pass the time & await the official word on the start of the canoeing season. Join in on the fun!
Stacks Image 1746
Environment Canada's Brent weather page - The federal weather service with forecasts for the town of Brent on Cedar Lake in Algonquin Park's northern section.
Stacks Image 1761
Environment Canada's Lake of Two Rivers weather page - The federal weather service with forecasts for the Lake of Two Rivers area (Hwy#60).
Stacks Image 1776
The Weather Network - Web page for the Algonquin Park short-term and long-term weather forecasts. Current weather information is available as well.
Stacks Image 1791
NOAA CoastWatch - Great Lakes region daily satellite imagery with true colour 250m resolution. A great way to watch the progression of spring break-up as it occurs.
Stacks Image 1809
Winter - Excellent source for winter camping information, complete with a vast forum. Many articles including important safety information is available online.