December 26 - Day 1
Arrival at The Wolf Den

This was a two night stay at the Wolf Den hostel and retreat on Highway#60, just west of Algonquin Park's West gate. This was not the first time i had stayed there and was not to be my last, so popular and handy the Wolf Den is with respects to its proximity to Algonquin Park. For me it makes winter hiking along Algonquin Park's highway corridor day-use trails a cinch.

The Wolf Den is owned and operated by a fellow by the name of Ben. A lot of work and upkeep goes into the Wolf Den and you can tell by talking to Ben that he really cares about what he does. One time on a previous winter visit, Ben took a group of about eight of us on a moonlit walk through the snow in the surrounding forest. For me it was a memorable experience and this is why I keep coming back. Most times Ben will also have a campfire for those that might want to enjoy the camaraderie of a public gathering around the fire-pit.

Wolf Den
The main cabin at the Wolf Den

I arrived late in the day at Ben's place, first driving to the West gate to acquire my permit for the next day (Saturday), so as to avoid having to wait for the office to open. The days are short in winter and I wanted to make the most of the daylight. I acquired my permit, which was actually a 'daily vehicle permit' and headed back to the Wolf Den to check-in. Upon arrival I made myself dinner and relaxed in the common room upstairs in the main building. If you have forgotten to bring some reading material, have no fear as the common room has an extensive library of books and magazines to choose from, as well as a stove to warm yourself by should the weather be extra chilly. There are comfy couches and chairs with warm lighting to read by. I turned in rather early, around 10:00pm to get a good nights sleep and get up early.

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